Wild Dogs

Christos Kalogirou

Wall Street Journal Bestseller

A desire for power and respect can make you do crazy things—especially in high school. After all, there’s no greater reward than the attention of your peers.

Christos Kalogirou was fifteen when his parents enrolled him in the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, a prestigious co-ed boarding school tucked away in Saskatchewan. For Christos, high school was harder than real life. By sixteen, he had turned a desperate need to stand out into a business venture, reaping all the rewards he craved—until the rewards almost cost him everything.

In Wild Dogs, Christos shares the personal story that became an urban legend. Relatable and inspiring, this chronicle contains lessons for everyone who has made a mistake and wants to right the wrongs in their life. Whether you’re a current student or a graduate of the tumultuous teenage years, you’ll learn the power of redemption, the importance of friendships, and the value of working with the system instead of against it. This entertaining and insightful coming-of-age story will provide you with a perspective you didn’t know you needed and show you that life is a journey you can’t take too seriously.

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Frank W. Abagnale, author, security consultant, and former con man, as depicted in Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Stephen Spielberg

It's a story that everyone will relate to, and it will certainly make you laugh. The story also reminds us that we shouldn't hold someone's mistakes against them, especially when made in their youth.

Tom Guiry, Hollywood actor best known for his role as Scotty Smalls in the iconic film The Sandlot

Light-hearted, educational, laugh-out-loud funny—this one's built for the big screen.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall, two-time Olympic gold medalist on the Canadian women's hockey team, six-time world champion, and the first woman to provide colour commentary on Hockey Night in Canada

Christos's story is very real but also shows how the decisions we make during adolescence can be life lessons on how to face adversity and challenges.

One of the most notorious graduates of the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Christos Kalogirou‘s story is one of a classic comeback. A former alumni board member and the recipient of the 2014 National Alumnus of the Year, Christos dedicates his time to his various businesses and raises valuable resources for nonprofits, including the Mandi Schwartz Foundation and Hockey Gives Blood.

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