Hiring on Purpose

Max Hansen & Brian Mohr

You want to recruit quality leadership talent to give your company the ultimate advantage, but the candidate who looks ideal on paper may not be right for your business. Skills, qualifications, and background are never enough. You need to look beyond the resume, focus on human factors like values, vision, and purpose, and hire leaders The Y Scouts Way.

Cofounders of the cutting-edge executive recruiting agency, Y Scouts, Max Hansen and Brian Mohr provide powerful strategies for shifting your hiring philosophy. This groundbreaking guide will help you cut through the usual interview and resume BS to recognize and attract innovative problem-solvers who fit perfectly with your company’s culture, mission, and DNA.

The wrong hire at a top level can cause conflicts, chaos, and disaster. But if you want to acquire and retain leaders who’ll drive results and move your business forward, The Y Scouts Way is the way to go.

Max Hansen

Max Hansen is a hiring process strategist who partners with CEOs, presidents, and other executive hiring managers to grow their businesses by hiring A-players. After spending nearly two decades successfully hiring tens of thousands of leaders in almost every industry, Max’s true passion is up-leveling everyone’s hiring game with purpose.

Brian Mohr

Brian Mohr was a founding member of Jobing.com, one of the original viable online job boards. He later became director of talent acquisition for P. F. Chang’s China Bistro and Pei Wei Asian Diner restaurants before joining forces with Max to create the first “purpose-based” leadership search firm. Brian is on the Global Board of Trustees of Conscious Capitalism Inc. and hosts the podcast Built on Purpose.

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