Purpose to Performance

Andrew Gaule

New technologies are changing the world. When corporates ignore them, they miss opportunities and open themselves up to being disrupted. But for companies willing to incorporate Innovative New Value Chains®, these advances can secure the future of the business. Andrew Gaule introduced his Five Ps method: a technique to build, grow, and evaluate innovative business models. Now he draws on his extensive knowledge, new insights, and the experiences of top executives to expand upon his approach.

Purpose to Performance establishes a framework for discussing long-term investment strategies, from
fundamentals of corporate venturing to instituting Innovative New Value Chains through:

  • Setting strategic objectives
  • Nurturing innovative ideas
  • Building a strong management team
  • Collaborating with external organizations
  • Adapting for maximum effectiveness

Corporate venturing can catapult businesses into a new era of success—and Andrew Gaule can show
how to use Innovative New Value Chains to step into that future.

Press & Praise

Dr. Mehmood Kahn, Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of PepsiCo

"Andrew outlines a path to corporate venturing that helps large corporations ensure they are connected to the new technologies that will be their future growth engines."

Sue Siegel, CEO of GE Ventures

"Driving Innovative New Value Chains is a testament to Andrew and offers an important view of the role organizations must play as they face both the opportunities and the challenges of the future. It should be required reading for all corporate innovation leaders!"

Rob van Leen Chief Innovation Officer, Member Executive Committee at DSM

"Already for many years Andrew Gaule has been consistently helping to connect entrepreneurial people and providing insights in new forms of innovation."

Andrew Gaule

Andrew Gaule is an expert in the world of strategic innovation and corporate venturing. As the CEO of Aimava, he has helped global organizations drive innovative and strategic change. He has been leading Strategic Innovation and Corporate Venturing programs for corporates in the United States, Europe, Russia and Asia. Andrew is also an angel investor and shares his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship with young people in his UpStarts4StartUps program. He is the author of numerous reports and of the book Open Innovation in Action. He’s a husband and a proud father of two daughters.

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