Leadership Is a Behavior Not a Title

DDS Dobson-Smith

Don’t ask how to become a great leader.

Ask how to become someone worth following.

Leadership has nothing to do with your pay grade. Instead, it can only ever be defined by followership and the extent to which, when you look around, there are people who believe in you and the direction in which you want to take them.

How do you become a leader worth following? Leadership Is a Behavior Not a Title answers that question from page one, applying the very principles outlined in the book to the contents of the book itself.

Learn how to start with your“Why” and create the conditions for your team’s success. Discover the most important (and counterintuitive) ways to set an example—like asking for help when you need it and accepting feedback gracefully.

By bringing your full Self to your work, you’ll give your team permission to do the same, showing them how much they mean to you and paving the way to an inclusive, fulfilling work environment.

Press & Praise

Andrew Shebbeare, Managing Partner at Counteract

DDS helped me understand that no amount of crowd-pleasing, years of service, technical expertise or shouting loudest would ever confer the right to lead. I came to realise that personal integrity was a greater superpower than any of these and that others would lend me all their strength if I gave them my honest best self. Not everyone can be lucky enough to be coached by DDS, but this book might be the next best thing.

Kyoko Matsushita, CEO WPP Japan

This book truly captures the essence of what leadership is. DDS' insight on 'management is about doing; leadership is about being' is spot-on and a helpful reminder as we engage with our colleagues everyday. This is a book that will help you reflect on yourself; a book that will help you tap into your super powers, accentuate what makes you great, and become a leader worth following.

Thomas Ordahl, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Landor&Fitch

DDS' Leadership is a Behavior Not a Title: Your Pocket Guide to Being a Leader Worth Following is just the help we need as we navigate a generational shift in the world of work. Deep down we all know the traditional, hierarchical management style no longer works. DDS lays out the playbook for what will.

DDS has spent the last twenty-five years facilitating leadership growth around the world. The founder of the executive coaching consultancy Soul Trained, they are a registered psychotherapist and certified as an Executive Coach by the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring. Before founding Soul Trained, DDS held a range of senior, executive, and C-suite roles across a host of sectors and companies, including Marks & Spencer Plc, Eurostar International, Crossrail Ltd, Sony Music Entertainment, and WPP’s Essence Global.

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