Plan, Act, Impact

Colt McAnlis

On the fast track.

In the corner office.

In the right place at the right time.

You undoubtedly know people who epitomize these sayings, as if their career is on a constant upward trajectory and nothing can bring them down, in spirit or success. They’re calm, happy—impactful. Perhaps you want to be this person; perhaps you once were this person. No matter where you are now or how you feel about your progress, you can make changes to get out of survival mode and onto the path toward your true potential.

You just need a plan.

In Plan, Act, Impact, Colt McAnlis shows you how to let go of cynicism, gain traction, and achieve the goals that matter to you. By introducing you to his step-by-step approach for charting your unique course, Colt shows you how to escape the mania of the moment, establish objectives, and recognize the impact you can make (and how to make it). Finding your place in the workforce can be a difficult journey, especially when the right mentors are hard to come by. Let Colt be your mentor and give you the tools you need to succeed and the mindset to know that you can.

Colt McAnlis is an engineer, mentor, consultant, and lover of pumpkin pie. As a developer advocate for Google, his content has helped more than 4.5 million developers learn to build better, cheaper, and more performant applications. Prior to Google, Colt was a graphics and performance engineer in the games industry for Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and Petroglyph Games. He has been an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and takes the opportunity to lecture at UCLA every now and again.

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