The Resilient Decision-Maker

Joseph Lampel, Aneesh Banerjee & Ajay Bhalla

When was the last time you faced a challenge that seemed too tough to handle? Was it a business obstacle you did not foresee, office politics that were hard to figure out, or a life-changing incident that left you shell-shocked?

When life hands you a setback, how do you respond? Are you racked by doubt, unable to move—or do you charge ahead, eager for resolution, without much thought?

Between these extremes is another approach built on the principles of resilience. In The Resilient Decision-Maker, Joseph Lampel, Aneesh Banerjee, and Ajay Bhalla show you how to approach challenges in life and business with resilience. This practical guide explains the different types of challenges we all face, examines the various forms resilience can take in the face of these challenges, and offers a guide to resilient leadership backed up by real-world examples. If you want to know your own resilience and how to grow it, you’ll find the answers here.

Press & Praise

Marianne Lewis, Dean, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati, USA

"This book will change your approach towards how you see and respond to challenges. In our world of escalating tensions and uncertainty, resilience is a leadership must. Insightful, rigorous, and practical, The Resilient Decision Maker is a valued read for every manager."

Baroness Sharon Bowles of Berkhamsted, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom

"Timely...The Resilient Decision-Maker provides a compelling analysis of how leaders can stay the course in turbulent times."

Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE, DL, Chairman, Cobra Beer Partnership

"The test of a good leader is not in the good times, but in times of adversity. The Resilient Decision-Maker will help guide you in developing your resilience. In building Cobra Beer from scratch, I have faced several crises and obstacles and realised that the resilience to keep going when others would give up has been key not only to our survival but to the brand's success."

Joseph Lampel, Aneesh Banerjee & Ajay Bhalla

Joseph Lampel holds the Eddie Davies Chair in Enterprise and Innovation Management at the Alliance Manchester Business School. Winner of several research awards, he has published more than fifty articles and six books, including Strategy Safari, co-authored with Henry Minztberg and Bruce Ahlstrand.

Aneesh Banerjee researches, lectures, and consults on decision making in strategy, technology, and innovation. He has worked extensively with executives across multiple industries to design their organization’s digital strategy. He is also an assistant professor at Cass Business School.

Ajay Bhalla is the Professor of Family Business and Innovation at Cass Business School. Widely regarded as one of the leading experts on building resilient family business and strategy, he has won multiple awards for his research and teaching, including best paper award from Academy of Management.

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