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Travis Rosser

You may not realize it, but we were all given a gift that we should be sharing with the world. The experiences you have accumulated throughout your life can turn you into a potential entrepreneur. You have knowledge that other people need, and they’re willing to pay for it. So if you’re ready to change your life, build an exciting new business, and be your own boss, this book can help guide you to share your knowledge with the world.

Knowledge capital is a new reality that offers amazing opportunities for success. This life-changing guide brings together insights, lessons, and strategies that can launch you into an exciting opportunity of turning what you know into a business. By discovering and developing your sellable expertise out of your professional experience, passions, problems, or pain—the “4 Ps”—you can create a business and have a future you’ll love.

If you’re tired of working in a traditional business environment and want to become your own boss, you too can become a knowledge entrepreneur. What’s in your brain is a special gift and your best business asset. Sharing your gift can change not only your life but the lives of everyone you reach.

Travis Rosser

Travis Rosser is a software entrepreneur, speaker, and author. After a decade in the software industry he cofounded Kajabi, a knowledge capital platform that has helped customers redefine themselves as experts, free themselves from the traditional notions of a job, and live more fulfilled lives. Since 2010, Kajabi has helped more than ten thousand people launch their own small businesses, and to this day these knowledge entrepreneurs have generated more than $600 million in sales.

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