Mom’s a Lawyer

Miriam Airington-Fisher

Working mothers are expected to work as though they don’t have children and parent as if they don’t have careers.

Women still face discrimination based on assumptions that children will interfere with their work commitments. We’re preemptively punished for trying to have it all.

The truth is, it’s not greedy to want a balanced lifestyle with a successful career and a thriving family. But we’ll only get it if we make it happen ourselves. Ladies, it’s time to build our own table and invite each other to sit there together. Mom’s a Lawyer is your guide to disrupting the legal field through entrepreneurship and forcing it to evolve to meet working mothers’ needs. Learn how to shake the mom guilt, start and scale your own woman-led law firm, and balance your responsibilities to your career, your family, and yourself. Because you do deserve to have it all.

Miriam Airington-Fisher is a lawyer, author, and speaker on a mission to make the legal profession more accessible and rewarding for working mothers. She is the owner and lead attorney of Airington Law, a seven-figure, women-led law firm based in Richmond, Virginia—which she founded and built while raising her three kids.

Miriam is passionate about women creating sustainable businesses that meet their needs, create healthy and supportive workplaces, and elevate each other professionally and financially with structures that serve working moms.

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