Blood, Sweat, and Goals

Neva Williamson

Most aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of leaving a “safe” job for the excitement of running their own business never actually do. The few that try fail more often than not.

After years of too little pay and too much work, Neva Williamson unshackled herself from the depressing repetition of a “successful” corporate career to set her own course as an entrepreneur. Along the way she drew a roadmap for other entrepreneurs who seek clarity, confidence and energy to change their lives. Approachable, conversational and inspiring, Williamson’s words can help you if you are stuck and reassure you if you are wavering. If you need a boost to your entrepreneurial spirit; if you want to hear from someone who knows what it’s like to navigate between work and family while rolling with the punches—here is a truth that is raw, honest and real, spoken from the heart.

Blood, Sweat, and Goals lays out a path to follow not only for building a profitable business, but also for a complete and balanced personal life.

Press & Praise

Marcella Ellis, CEO & Founder School of Cosmetic Arts; CEO & Founder The Mane Vendor World's First Hair Extension Kiosk; Owner Marcella Ellis Signature Salons

"Blood, Sweat, and Goals is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Neva has built successful six-figure businesses while raising a young family, paying down debt and overcoming firsthand difficulties entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. If you want to leave the rat race and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams you need to read this book. I encounter so many people that want out of their current job situations but don't know where to start. They don't know what to do or how to go about starting a business. This book is a great guide."

Tom Zeeb, President, Traction Real Estate Association

"Neva is entrepreneurial, eager to learn, ambitious, and most importantly, a person with the utmost integrity. It has been a pleasure watching her build her business."

Steph Davis, Real Estate Mogul

"Neva possesses a rare combination of confidence, drive, and persistence that will continue to propel her business to a level of success that most people will never achieve."

Neva Williamson

Neva Williamson is a managing partner of her own business consulting company, an active real estate investor, licensed real estate agent, and angel investor/advisor to several other businesses. Though she will forever be a New Yorker at heart, she currently lives with her husband and two daughters in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. For business tips and a free guide to creating a business plan for the aspiring consultant or small business owner, sign up for her mailing list at

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