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We look to brands for what to do, what to think, and how to feel. We want to know what to support and what to stand against. Brands are the new voice of authority. Now is the perfect time to reveal their humanity.

Consumers want to connect with the brands they support. Business leaders want to create purposeful, passionate companies. At this intersection of shared values is where a brand’s authority is established and humanity shines through.

But how do you ensure a meaningful connection? How do you make it last? How do you establish an authoritative footprint that encourages growth wherever you are and follows you throughout your career? In Person-ality, brand impresario Deb Gabor delivers the third installment in her series about cultivating dynamic brands. Deb’s first two books showed how to shape a sexy brand and create a loyal customer base. Now, Deb shares the secrets to differentiating yourself and your company by exposing the humans behind the business. With one-of-a-kind strategies, inspiring stories, and key exercises to point you in the right direction, Person-ality is a fascinating exploration of the present and future of marketing.

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Mike Maddock, Founder of Maddock Douglas, Flourish Forums, and McGuffin Creative Group and four-time bestselling author of Plan D, Free the Idea Monkey, Flirting With The Uninterested, and Brand New

When leaders become intimately connected with their brands, they create a window of authenticity for their customers. This window helps to illuminate their brand's authority, expertise and position in the market. In Person-ality, Deb masterfully explains how enlightened leaders make this happen.

Caryn Kopp, Founder of Kopp Consulting, two-time Inc. 5,000 CEO, and bestselling author of The Path to the Cash! Manual and co-author of Biz Dev Done Right

Deb is a longtime colleague with a passion for building winning brands and creating an impact. When the way we do business changed, she was there to give her authority to anyone and everyone. Filled with Deb's strategic and human insight, Person-ality outlines how today's leaders can cultivate their authority by going well beyond their expertise alone to tap into their passion and unique points of view to attract the right clients for their businesses.

Todd Palmer, Founder of Extraordinary Advisors, six-time Inc. 5,000 CEO, and two-time bestselling author of The Job Search Process and From Suck to Success

Similarly to Deb, I had to cancel all of my speaking engagements at the start of the pandemic. It was a difficult time, but I quickly pivoted and realized I could help other entrepreneurs by sharing my expertise without looking for anything in return. In Person-ality, Deb flawlessly portrays how businesses used their authority to overcome the fears, worries, and changes brought upon by these uncertain times. It's the perfect read for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their authority but don't know where to start. Hint: It starts here.

Deb Gabor is the author of the bestselling books, Branding is Sex, Get Your Customers Laid and Sell the Hell Out of Anything and Irrational Loyalty and founder and CEO of Sol Marketing, a brand strategy consultancy obsessed with solving major business and marketing problems for clients in every industry. Companies throughout the world use Deb’s Brand Values Pyramid, Ideal Customer Archetype, and “Brand Swagger Questions” constructs to gain internal strategic alignment among their teams and articulate their brands to audiences. Deb is also the author of a bestselling business book about branding called Branding is Sex and a frequent contributor and expert commentator in major news outlets such as NPR, FORTUNE, and WSJ.

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