Shannon Susko

As a business leader, you’ve read dozens of books by the top thought leaders, learning from their research, principles, and tools. Each book dives deep into a specific area of expertise—strategy, execution, cash, people, culture, and leadership. All share powerful concepts on what to do to grow your business. But how do you efficiently unite these tools into a regimen that works for not just one specific area of your business, but for your entire team, company, and life?

Metronomics unites top business thought leadership with over twenty years of proven practical experience. The outcome is a prescriptive progressive growth system for every business. In this book, you’ll learn how to build a high-performing business team that achieves superior results with ease, speed, and confidence. You’ll learn the practical progression that ensures your team is fiercely connected to your strategic execution system. No matter what level you and your team are at right now, Metronomics will meet you where you are—and grow with you to the next level and beyond.

The best-kept business secret for the past twenty years, Metronomics will allow your company to win your business Olympics every year, and as a leader, it will set you free.

Shannon Byrne Susko has spent over twenty-five years building, iterating, and innovating what we now know as Metronomics, a system utilized by hundreds of coaches and thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. After using the system as a CEO for decades, coaching the system to thousands of leaders, and training coaches how to coach it themselves, Shannon has spent the last two years writing this book, which for the first time makes Metronomics accessible to everyone looking for the “silver bullet” that will grow up their company. Shannon is also the author of two bestselling business books, 3HAG WAY (2018) and The Metronome Effect (2014), and she is the founder and CEO of Metronome United, a community of more than eighty coaches worldwide who use the system every day to create lasting impact for their clients, teams, and communities.

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