Against the Grain

Craig Alan Perkins

Are you giving up your best years to the pursuit of money so you can enjoy life after you retire? If so, you’re not alone. Far too many of us follow this path, only realizing too late that there’s no such thing as a do-over. But there’s a better way to live—right now—with an unprecedented level of autonomy and authenticity.

Do you hear your own authentic voice deep within you, telling you it’s time to do something different? If so, this book is for you.

Craig A. Perkins was in the exact same spot when he stepped away from everything he knew to pursue a profound sense of purpose. Against the Grain chronicles his harrowing journey into the unknown, through his early struggles and setbacks to his ultimate triumph, living life on his own terms.

If you’re looking for a map that can take you “offroad” into your own authentic life, pick up Against the Grain—and find your own calling.

Press & Praise

Thomas Plummer, Founder of NFBA, mentor, author, and fitness business advisor

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Deeper in debt? Same miserable job? Wasting the days and years of your life living someone else's dream? This book is your way forward, a way to find your own life, the hope and guide you need to finally live the life meant for you.

Akshay Nanavati, Marine Corps veteran, adventurer, and author of Fearvana

Why are we here? What is our purpose on this Earth? These are some of the most profound and important questions to ask ourselves. But finding the answers is far from easy. This book will now be your blueprint. With raw authenticity, deep vulnerability, and a genuine desire to be of service, Craig Perkins openly shares his hard-fought journey, all the highs and the lows, to creating a life of personal freedom. Backed by battle-tested wisdom, Against the Grain is a highly actionable, practical, and hard-hitting manual to forging your own path and living life on your own terms.

Marc Grondahl, Co-founder of Planet Fitness

Craig Perkins is one of the most genuine and disciplined people I know. In Against the Grain, he doesn't hold back as he details his journey through the corporate world to ultimately becoming an entrepreneur and taking control of his path forward. A great read for aspiring business owners as well as people stuck in a career they are not satisfied with. Highly recommended!

Craig A. Perkins is a husband, father, and accomplished business leader. A former senior-level manager in a Fortune 500 company and a long-time private business owner, Craig grew up following “Society’s rules” only to find himself mired in the embalming fluid of Corporate America.

Against the Grain details his struggle to break free and live authentically, starting a business to support his Purpose while giving him the time he craved to enjoy life with the people he loves. Today, Craig uses his experience to help others kick down their own walls and create lives filled with Freedom.

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