The Take Action Effect

Scott Voelker

You’re earning a paycheck, but you don’t love what you do. Every Friday feels like a gift, and every Monday feels like a punishment. You’re frustrated, you’re unfulfilled, you’re missing out on your life, and you want out.

But how? You’ve spent your entire life getting to this point. Or maybe you’ve built a business, but you’re not sure you even like it. You want to pivot, but you can’t see how.

The truth is, building a more satisfying life without sacrificing your paycheck is easier than you think—and people do it every day.

Scott Voelker has already impacted thousands with his podcast, The Amazing Seller. Now, in this book, Scott shows you how to discover the path to freedom. You’ll learn how to break through the limitations of your job, read the stories of people like you who have gotten themselves unstuck, and discover the action plan that will bring you the freedom and flexibility you’ve been looking for.

Scott Voelker

Scott Voelker is a husband, father, and serial entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years building lifestyle businesses that have allowed him the flexibility and freedom to enjoy more time with his family. He’s also helped thousands of people all over the world with his podcast The Amazing Seller, and is one of the leading influencers in the field of e-commerce, helping other entrepreneurs build their own six- and seven-figure brands. To connect with Scott, visit his website.

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