Forged by Fire

Mila Grigg

…When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

—Job 23:10

No matter what you’ve endured, where you come from, or what you may think, your story is worth sharing with the world. It’s the core of who you are and why you do what you do. Your unique value lies in the pages of your story.

How are you going to share your story—and value—with the world? When everyone else tries to separate personal passion from professional drive, how do you demonstrate that your brand doesn’t represent you—it is you?

In Forged by Fire, brand consultant Mila Grigg takes you step by step through crafting a personal brand based on core values, discovered purpose, and the incomparable experience that separates you from everyone else. Mila’s own story is one of fortitude and redemption, of building an unshakable foundation amid adversity and rising above it to be stronger than ever. She shares the painful and inspirational parts of her journey along with a proven framework for navigating hardship and utilizing it for personal and professional growth. This book is your brand bible and ultimate resource for showing the world not only what you’re made of but what you’re worth.

Mila Grigg is the founder and CEO of MODA, one of the most recognized branding groups in the United States. With twenty years in the field, Mila’s expertise in building personal brands, growing leadership equity, and crafting marketing and social media strategies comes from her experience, not opinion or observation. From executives at Fortune 100s to first-time entrepreneurs and everything in between, Mila has helped leaders with various backgrounds and organizations of all sizes create, communicate, and profit from their brands.

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