Love as a Business Strategy

Mohammad F. Anwar, Frank E. Danna, Jeffrey F. Ma and Christopher J. Pitre

To increase revenue, improve customer experience, and develop higher-performing teams, it’s time for leaders to stop looking for quick fixes to complex business problems and start building a culture of love.

Yes, love.

Anchored by Softway’s own transformational journey, Love as a Business Strategy offers a new, people-first framework for achieving any business outcome—written by folks that aren’t fans of run-of-the-mill business books.

As a matter of fact, Love as a Business Strategy is so chock-full of real-world examples of mistakes, heartbreak, and redemption that it reads more like a juicy exposé than a business book.

Love as a Business Strategy steers clear from piety and theoretical concepts and instead shares grounded stories of resilient people running a real business. A business, as you’ll come to find out, that was on the brink of disaster before ‘love’ took hold. Love As A Business Strategy doesn’t preach or mislead, rather it lays out the blueprints for better business outcomes—like better employee engagement, enhanced patient experiences, and increased efficiency—then walks you through it step-by-step.

A better way of doing business is possible. The workplace revolution has arrived. Love as a Business Strategy will help you ditch the status quo, embrace humanity, and achieve lasting success.

Press & Praise

Esmaeil Porsa , MD, MBA, MPH, CCHP-A, President and CEO of Harris Health System

"A brutally honest confession and road map that can help transform the culture of any system or individual willing to do the hard work of changing for the better."

Kandace Cooks, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Nuro

"As a diversity and inclusion practitioner, leveraging the insights from Love as a Business Strategy will propel companies into unchartered territories of success. Love is the most efficient pathway to achieving any form of success. If you and/or your company have the desire to evolve, you must read Love as a Business Strategy!"

Dr. Shaista Khilji, Professor of Human and Organizational Learning at The George Washington University

"Organizations founded on greed, power, control, and self-centered shareholder-maximizing strategies have not served us well. We need responsible and humanistic organizations that focus on human dignity and societal well-being. In this book, through the case transformation of Softway, the authors show us a compelling way to centralize humanity in the workplace. Love as a Business Strategy is real and much needed to transform the way we organize and lead our organizations. Through their examples and practical tips, the authors weave a story of 'love in the workplace.' This transformation is possible! It can be done. Love as a Business Strategy shows us how. A must-read for all managers, leaders, and C-Suite executives!"

Softway is a business to employee (B2E) solutions company that offers experiences, services, and technology products to help build resilient, inclusive, and high-performing companies.

In 2015, when a toxic culture almost bankrupted the company, Softway’s leadership team–including authors Mohammad Anwar (CEO), Chris Pitre (VP), and Frank Danna and Jeff Ma (Directors)–vowed to bring humanity back to the workplace. Through trial, error, and determination, they rebuilt their organization around their greatest asset: people.

Today, through the Seneca Leaders program and other employee-focused offerings, Softway is helping thousands of leaders spanning over forty-six countries transform their businesses by putting love to work.

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