Matt Kane, Steve Garguilo & Sergiy Skoryk

How many times have you had an idea that you were really passionate about—one that you really believed was important? How many times have you waited until you had the perfect amount of time or the perfect environment or the perfect set of circumstances to act on that idea? How many times have your ideas vanished into thin air because those “perfect” opportunities never came?

No more.

We’ve been on a two-decade quest to find better ways to take action on our ideas—and share those strategies with others. In this book, you’ll learn exactly how to harness the power of now to take action on your ideas. You’ll learn how to alleviate anxiety, face your fears, and overcome overwhelm—all so you can bring your ideas to life.

Press & Praise

Lara Stein, Managing Director of Global Development, Singularity University; Founder, TEDx

"In order to take action and have real impact we must be willing to take risks and fail. We need to educate our children to be comfortable with risk and failure to breed a culture that can change the world for the better and tackle the world's grand challenges. Ideas are easy. Action is hard. Surge is a great read. It teaches one how to take steps towards actually making a difference."

Jason Zook, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

"If you're even contemplating whether or not you have a strong ability to take action, if you have any questions or doubts about your ability to do something, you need this book more than you know."

Christy Tehven, Owner and Founder, Love Always Floral

"I can say with 100% confidence this book helped speed up the process to create my new business."

Steve Garguilo

Steve Garguilo works with people from all walks of life all over the world to help them make their ideas happen. He led the revolution to transform the culture of the 5th largest company in the world by instigating and shaping a grassroots movement at Johnson & Johnson. He has lived in five countries, traveled in over 100, and has spoken at TED and TEDx events across the globe. He’s been featured in Bloomberg, Reuters, and NBC. In 2016, he won the top innovation award from Chief Learning Officer magazine.

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