Sell with Swagger

Brad Gotto

After years of hard work, long hours, and countless sacrifices, you’re at the threshold of a monumental milestone: retirement. Are you ready?

Sure, you’ve hired the right advisors and learned how to stockpile money. You’ve thought about taxes, healthcare, Medicare, and Social Security. But how will you make your paycheck last forever? What’s your plan to turn savings into income? How will you spend your days without work commitments or obligatory schedules?

You’ve saved money for a lifetime. Now it’s time to spend it. In Spending Money and Having Fun, Retirement Income Certified Professional Brad Gotto teaches you how to be smart about spending so you can stop worrying and live the life you want. Old habits are hard to break, but Brad helps you embrace the counterintuitive and build new habits to support your next chapter. You’ll learn how to change your mindset around spending, create boundaries that buy you freedom, and gain peace of mind with concepts that take the guesswork out of your financial requirements. Whether you’re preparing for retirement or recently retired, Spending Money and Having Fun is the practical guide you need to unlock personal empowerment through responsible spending.

Brad GottoRetirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), founded Fiat Wealth Management in 2009 to help clients align their money with their personal beliefs. He uniquely applies techniques in behavioral finance, investigation, and mathematics to unlock personal freedom. Host of the podcast, Every Day is Saturday, Brad provides financial education workshops for families free of charge throughout the Twin Cities, where he lives with his wife, Christy, their two sons, William and Hudson, and their Golden Retriever, Kinnick. For more information, visit

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