Esophagus Attack!

Doug Lake

It’s normal for a big Thanksgiving dinner to come with a side of physical discomfort, but when Dr. Doug Lake experienced ripping chest pain after only one bite of turkey, he knew something was wrong. Thankfully, it wasn’t a heart attack, but it was his first “Esophagus Attack.” And it was an extraordinary personal window into the issue so many of his patients experience.

If you’ve felt something similar after swallowing, or if you feel like food gets stuck, you know this panic and pain. You’re not alone: more than 250,000 Americans struggle with the condition that causes this. Nevertheless, it is not well understood, and patients often feel embarrassed, ashamed, overwhelmed, and afraid.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Lake walks you through every facet of esophagus attacks, from causes to solutions. You’ll hear from successful patients and discover how to get the medical—and emotional—support you need.

Most importantly, you’ll learn a simple three-step eating process that will help you release your fears, look forward to gathering with loved ones for meals, and enjoy eating again.

Press & Praise

Angela Thayer, Writer and Creator of and Author of Play and Learn Toddler Activities, The Preschool Journey, The Toddler Journey, and Songs and Rhymes for Transition Times

"As someone who struggles with GERD and esophagus problems, Esophagus Attack! has given me peace of mind. Not only does Doug share practical advice and helpful tips, but he also weaves in relatable stories and illustrations. His three-step method is genius and has helped me overcome my fears with eating. It's so helpful to know I'm not alone!"

Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD, Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Cancer Research and Chair of the Department of Radiology, Stanford School of Medicine

"When Doug writes about life challenges, it doesn't come from a textbook or from a patient story. After losing his son, Ben, and nearly losing his daughter, Caroline, to the same disease, he empathizes with your struggle. Is this cancer? How do I get help? Am I alone with this problem? You're not, and you'll get answers to these questions and more in Esophagus Attack! As someone who has had their father-in-law also affected by esophageal cancer and who has lost their own seventeen-year-old son to a brain tumor, much of this book resonates highly with me."

Geoffrey D. Rubin, MD, MBA, FACR, FNASCI, FSABI, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Imaging, University of Arizona College of Medicine Tucson

"Esophagus Attack! is a must-read for anyone who struggles to swallow. Written from the perspective of a lifelong sufferer and with the knowledge of a physician, Doug Lake provides valuable insights for readers of all backgrounds to help them understand and manage this common and potentially life-threatening condition. His practical and compassionate guidance is must-read material for anyone who eats."

Dr. Doug Lake practices radiology at the McFarland Clinic PC in Ames, Iowa, and maintains a part-time Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor position in Radiology at Stanford.

He holds degrees from Loyola University Chicago and the University of Kansas, and he was a Chief Radiology Resident at the Medical University of South Carolina and a clinical MRI fellow at Stanford.

Dr. Lake is passionate about public health, and he has spoken at the White House as an advocate for better insurance options. Dr. Lake and his wife, Maleia, also founded the Home for Hope, a housing choice for families with children with pulmonary vein stenosis.

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