Choose Better

Timothy Yen

Have you ever faced a challenge or decision that felt so overwhelming you had no idea where to start?

Choose Better provides a systematic approach to solving any problem, no matter how difficult. Designed by Dr. Timothy Yen, this series of questions will lead you step-by-step out of that state of indecision and into vibrant, confident action.

In times of stress, it’s easy to feel impossibly stuck. Not to mention isolated and alone. Developed across hundreds of individual case studies and thousands of clinical hours, Choose Better can help you find your best path forward no matter what life throws at you.

Identify your deepest motivations, clarify your values, understand the needs of others, and work through any resistance to make transformational, life-affirming decisions—even under the greatest adversity.

Stop leaving your happiness and well-being to chance. Improve your relationships, at work and at home, while remaining true to your authentic self. Learn how to make the right decisions every time—with vision, clarity, and direction—and start claiming your best life.

Press & Praise

Jonah Paquette, Psy.D., author of Awestruck, Real Happiness, and The Happiness Toolbox

"Life is full of difficult decisions. And while that may be unavoidable, this wonderful book makes the daunting process of decision making a whole lot easier. Weaving together compelling stories and revealing scientific studies, Dr. Yen does an amazing job in bringing clarity to decision making. He provides readers with a clear roadmap for making good decisions in order to live their best life. Great book!"

Command Sergeant Major Paul E. Shaw, United States Army, retired

"I believe this book provides the structure needed to make excellent decisions. Whether you are a CEO of a large company or a single mother of three, the Framework contained in this book will give any reader the needed empowerment to make authentic choices."

Mindy Wegner, TEDx speaker, Founder of Mindy Meets, non-profit business consultant, and executive leadership coach

"Dr. Tim Yen blends the wisdom of great thinkers, theory, and practical insight with a useful Framework for making optimal decisions. When was the last time you actually considered your emotions, your values, others' values, and reality in a decision you're working through? The Framework will challenge you to be mindful and much more aware of how to process each of these important elements. Yen brings it together like a handbook for making the seemingly small, and obviously large, decisions."

Timothy Yen is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate from Azusa Pacific University, practicing in the East Bay area and leading conferences and retreats around the globe. Between his years in private practice and another eight years as a Mental Health Staff Sergeant in the US Army, he’s empowered hundreds of individuals, families, organizations, and teams to develop authentic relationships and grow into their best selves. He currently resides in Northern California with his wife and son.

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