You Can’t Be Everywhere

Marie Wiese

In the age of 24/7 internet, there are thousands of ways for businesses to talk to, sell to, and connect with their customers.

But, just as the old adage says, less is more. With so many methods of communication available, it’s more important to create strong messaging in fewer channels than flood the market with mediocre material.

The key to a successful marketing strategy today is finding the right content, at the right time, in the right place, for the right audience—and Marie Wiese, president of Marketing Co-Pilot and long-time digital marketing guru, knows the secrets behind creating an impactful, measurable, and captivating digital campaign. In You Can’t Be Everywhere, Wiese offers her expert insight on how to become a savvier marketer. Through personal stories and no-nonsense advice on topics ranging from identifying clear goals, to digging into data to inform creative content, to tackling social media in an effective way, Wiese shows how any company can conquer the digital space and craft extraordinary strategies and customer connections.

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once. But luckily, once you master Wiese’s method of focused, powerful, content-driven marketing, you won’t have to be.

Marie Wiese

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