Don’t Settle For a Seat

Karrie Brady

As women, we’re half of the population. Yet, in today’s world, we make most of the purchasing decisions. We know what we want, how we want it, and when we’re ready to buy.

But the business world—particularly anything sales related—wasn’t designed with our strengths in mind. If you’re not the stereotypical car dealer or Wall Street wolf, it’s easy to feel ill-suited for entrepreneurship. We’ve been told to be flashy, conniving, convincing. We should be rebels and risk-takers who always get the “win,” no matter what.

But what if that’s wrong?

There’s a demographic with an overlooked business advantage: women. We have the emotional intelligence, consumer experience, and marketing awareness to build the enterprise of our dreams. In Don’t Settle for a Seat, business coach and entrepreneurial expert Karrie Brady helps you break down self-imposed barriers, overcome fear, and create your own path in entrepreneurship. Business is about listening, connecting, and empathizing—skills that come naturally to many women. If you have the drive, this playbook supplies the rest. Learn how to leverage your instincts, recognize your potential, and fulfill the role that was always meant for you.

Press & Praise

Lilo Dizdarevic, Founder of The Modern Devine Jewelry

With Karrie's support, I not only launched an ENTIRE business in eight weeks but also completely sold out of EVERY SINGLE piece of inventory (in just the first three days of launching!!). Karrie is a well full of knowledge, and I'm forever grateful for the guidance and support she continues to give me.

Liz Elberfeld, Registered Dietician

I thought a business coach would tell me 'do this, do that,' but instead, Karrie pushed me to see things differently. She didn't just spoonfeed me strategies and solutions—she worked with me to help me develop the strategies and see the solutions for myself.

Tanya Camps, Parenting Coach and Apparel Company Owner

Karrie's advice helped me overcome imposter syndrome, establish authority in the online space, and form strong relationships. I have sold out FOUR back-to-back launches since implementing her strategies!

Karrie Brady is a seven-figure entrepreneur and an online educator passionate about putting more money in the hands of women everywhere. Dedicated to making the world of entrepreneurship more accessible to her clients, Karrie has helped thousands of women build an online business according to their own rules, personalities, and preferences. At just twenty-five, Karrie has appeared in Forbes, Authority Magazine, and Medium and been featured with Thrive Global and Create & Cultivate. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their two kids, and three rescue dogs. For more information, visit

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