Wealth, Actually

Frazer Rice

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, and, for the 1 percent, this is especially true. The more wealth one has, the more risks to their financial security. But with the right knowledge, planning, and guidance, the affluent can not only preserve their assets but enjoy them as well.

Private wealth manager Frazer Rice has seen every challenge and success that the well-off can face. In Wealth, Actually, he shares his holistic, adaptable approach to wealth management. Through a combination of philosophical discussion, practical advice, humor, and anecdotes, he shows how prosperous individuals can determine what they want their wealth to do; communicate with loved ones about their fortune; avoid overspending; handle wealth threats; evaluate, grow, and protect investments; and choose the best advisors.

Money shouldn’t be the dream—but, when it’s managed right, it can be the perfect tool to make dreams come true.

Frazer Rice

Frazer Rice is a leading private wealth manager, with fifteen years’ experience advising millionaire and billionaire families on finances, including fiduciary and estate matters. His clients include business owners, hedge fund managers, real estate developers, corporate executives, foundations, and established families.

Frazer has been featured in the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, and the Journal News, and he has appeared on cable television news networks. In addition to his financial expertise, Frazer is a member of the New York State Bar and a graduate of Duke University and Emory University Law School. He hosts a podcast and blog on politics, business trends, and entrepreneurship at FrazerRice.com.

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