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Connection. Renewal. Empowerment.

As a business executive, how do you ensure you’re showing up your very best every day? How do you present the real, genuine you at work? And how do you create a culture where your employees can authentically flourish? Being your best means embracing authenticity to feel healthy, grounded, connected—and the path to get there is right outside your front door.

In BusinessOutside, Bart Foster reveals a science-inspired philosophy that reimagines corporate culture by bringing business outdoors, allowing for increased creativity, meaningful connections, and psychological restoration. Through a self-assessment of your personal values and discovery of your Zones of Genius, Bart shows how to rise above societal and outdated corporate norms that hinder growth. You’ll learn the benefits of a natural setting, why feeling personally fulfilled matters in your career, and proven practices that will put you on the path toward an authentic, intentional life. BusinessOutside is your North Star for building connections, navigating a growth mindset, and exploring the value of a life truly well-lived.

Press & Praise

Andy Pawson, President and GM at Alcon

I have seen firsthand how Bart uses BusinessOutside to lead teams to think differently—outside their comfort zone, outside normal business practices, and outside in nature.

David Cummings, CEO of Atlanta Ventures

Bart is one of the most engaging and energetic people I've ever met—an inspiration for living an intentional life that amplifies health and happiness. BusinessOutside is the perfect antidote to our new pandemic life and will dramatically grow in importance as people seek a new normal.

Reade Fahs, CEO of National Vision

A vivid exemplar on the benefits of intentional living and working outside the box.

Bart Foster is the founder and CEO of BusinessOutside®, a facilitation and training company focused on engaging, inspiring, and empowering individuals and teams to get outside in nature and outside their comfort zones. Bart is an entrepreneur and seasoned global executive who began his career at Kellogg’s and Novartis. After climbing the corporate ladder and building a successful healthcare startup, Bart found his true calling as an advisor, speaker, and coach to executives throughout the world. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and two kids. Most mornings, he can be found hiking the peaks above town, usually with someone in tow, discussing business, outside.

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