The 5-Hour School Week

Kaleena and Aaron Amuchastegui

Up early for class and up late for homework. Outdated, overcrowded schools are taking up our children’s time and taking away from valuable life experiences. There’s a better way to learn—and The 5-Hour School Week is how we hacked homeschool so we could enjoy our life and our kids! When Aaron and Kaleena Amuchastegui took their kids out of school to travel the globe and educate them through experiences, their children became more engaged, self-aware, curious, and passionate about learning. Now, they share their inspiring successes and practical advice to give you the tools you need to create your own unconventional education plan, no matter what your budget, walking you through topics like:

  • Teaching kids to love learning
  • Providing a social education
  • Incorporating travel into lessons
  • Emphasizing practical skills
  • And more

This isn’t your mom’s homeschooling. This is an innovative, eclectic approach to education that will revolutionize your family’s life.

Press & Praise

Hal Elrod, International Best-Selling Author of The Miracle Morning

"To my fellow parents: if you are committed to giving your children the best chance of succeeding now and in their future, The 5-Hour School Week is the guide that will show you how to identify the best educational model for your family. Highly recommended."

Matt Beaudreau, Founder of Acton Roseville and Keynote Speaker

"As a school founder and career educator, my life is dedicated to developing our youth based on the world we live in, as opposed to the world we lived in. Homeschooling provides an unrivaled opportunity to develop a growth mindset for our kids, and The 5-Hour School Week is a great example of that very reality. Aaron and Kaleena have put together a must-read manifesto for any family, whether you homeschool now or are thinking of it for the future."

Jon Vroman, Founder, and, and Author of The Front Row Factor

"After spending time with the Amuchastegui children, who are kind, curious, and full of joy, that was the proof that the 5-hour school week system was working! What on earth were they doing? This book has the answers."

Kaleena and Aaron Amuchastegui

Kaleena Amuchastegui founded a successful real estate brokerage before feeling like she was losing touch with her children. As a recovering workaholic, she gave up her career and pulled her kids out of school to create The 5-Hour School Week with her husband, Aaron. You can follow her blog at

Aaron Amuchastegui has built several companies in real estate, construction, finance, and software focused on efficiency, productivity, and the “4-hour-workweek lifestyle.” As a lecturer, he helps others to work less and live more.

Kaleena and Aaron are the parents of Madelyn, Charlotte, Isabel, and Brax. Together, they travel extensively, learn passionately, and accomplish life’s bucket-list items now.

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