This Might Get Me Fired

Gregory Larkin

Every corporation should be more afraid of extinction than change—but few are. A company’s most talented innovators—“corporate intrapreneurs”—often can’t break the cycle of stale, destructive habits. Until now.

In This Might Get Me Fired, innovator and intrapreneur Greg Larkin shares what he’s learned by launching more than thirty new products with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Greg guides you through the power structure of corporate enterprises, showing how an intrapreneur can gather support within an organization and actually launch a product in eight weeks.

Filled with stories of success and failure, This Might Get Me Fired gives you the tools to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and recognize when (and why) to prioritize your product over your job. It shows intrapreneurs how to find one another, join together, and succeed in ways that seem unimaginable until they are inevitable.

Press & Praise

Peter Sims, founder & CEO, Parliament, Inc. & Author, LITTLE BETS: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

"A succinct, insightful, and immediately practical guide for intraprenueurs navigating the powerful platforms, yet perilous terrains, of corporate innovation and invention."

Joshua Seiden, Author, Designer and Strategist

"This Might Get Me Fired highlights a stark truth for innovators: good ideas won't save you. Instead, innovators working inside large organizations need to navigate the never-ending pressure to follow the rules. Good intrapreneurs see those rules and develop ways to navigate them, and break them when necessary. Larkin's book provides a useful guide to how to do just that."

Gregory Larkin

Greg Larkin began his product-building life twelve years ago after nearly getting fired from an investment research start-up for predicting that the booming housing market would collapse. (He wasn’t, and it did). Since then, Greg has built more than thirty digital products, generating millions in revenue for companies like Google, PWC, Nestle, and Bloomberg, as well as start-ups. In 2015, Greg launched his own consultancy, Bowery315, as part of his mission to help more good products enter the world. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their two kids.

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