Be The Go-To

Theresa M. Līna

Are customers failing to see what sets your brand apart, pushing your prices (and margins) down? Healthy prices and profits are a company’s lifeblood, critical for funding current operations and future growth. Yet too many businesses look alike and are then forced to compete on price alone. Instead, they should aim for clear, sustainable differentiation, owning the market as the enduring Go-To brand.

Theresa M. Līna will help you escape the commodity trap.

In Be the Go-To, Theresa reveals a groundbreaking, step-by-step approach called the Apollo Method for Market Dominance. It’s a detailed, pragmatic recipe for becoming your market’s Go-To brand, brought to life through fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories from the Apollo Space Program, Tesla, Disney, Apple, Lego, Salesforce, Amazon, REI, and more.

Use her four pillars of sustainable differentiation to call your own moonshots and dominate markets for highly profitable growth. If you want to drive game-changing solutions into your markets and deliver results that have customers flocking to you, this entertaining and well-researched strategy playbook will help you develop your own plan for becoming the Go-To!

Press & Praise

Skip Battle, senior fellow, The Aspen Institute, and past or present board member at Netflix, LinkedIn, Workday, Expedia, FICO, OpenTable, and others

"Clear, sustainable differentiation is the key to long-term, profitable growth in competitive markets. Here, Theresa is offering a straightforward, four-part plan for getting there. All you have to do is implement it."

Steve Blank, Silicon Valley thought leader, and author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany

"Learn how to stop competing on price and leaving money on the table. Finally, there's a book that offers a simple path to higher revenues and gross margins."

Tina Seelig, PhD, Professor of the Practice, Stanford University, and author of What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

"I've personally learned so much from Theresa about how to achieve ​and sustain​ differentiation and market leadership, and I am so glad that she is sharing her vast wisdom on strategy with the world. This book brilliantly shows what it means to be the "go-to" in a crowded marketplace, using compelling examples that really bring the ideas to life."

Theresa M. Līna

Theresa M. Līna has over twenty years of experience as a recognized Silicon Valley thought leader and strategist. She is the CEO of Līna Group, Inc., which specializes in market dominance strategy, and has been involved at Stanford University since 2006. She has served as chief strategy and marketing officer for several technology startups, has advised hundreds of companies, and began her career at Accenture, where she helped found, lead, and grow the firm’s communications industry group, now a multibillion-dollar business unit. Theresa is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on strategy, market leadership, innovation, and technology topics.

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