Karen Diaz

No one wants their daughter to grow up with an eating or body image disorder. However, if you’re a mother battling these issues yourself, you may worry about passing them on to your child. There is a way you can end your war with food and self-esteem–and save your daughter as well.

In Within, registered dietician Karen Diaz shares her two-part approach to confronting eating and body image disorders. Her lessons begin with focusing on changes within yourself before shifting to transforming your home and family. Included are exercises to let go of emotions, shed the diet culture, become self-full, reenvision meal time, keep food neutral, assess the bigger picture, and discuss bodies with your children.

This book is not a diet, but rather the means to quiet the criticism and noise impacting your ability to flourish–and your family’s ability to thrive.

Press & Praise

Wendy Yalom - Award Winning Photographer

"There is an often-unnoticed problem that exists in our society and it is one that with clear illumination could be solved in a generation. I experience the work of Karen Diaz as that illumination! Along with all the positive beliefs passed on from mother to daughter, we, as women, learn what to believe about our bodies from learning what our mothers believe about theirs. Unfortunately, most mothers unconsciously are teaching their beloved daughters to judge, condemn and fight with their bodies. Along with her great insight on how to stop the cycle of over-giving and discovering how to be fully resourced and vibrant from within, Karen is healing creating a new belief structure for today's young women to grow up loving who they are and how they look exactly as they are!"

Stephanie Labonte - Founder of Empowered Girls Rise and Author of Girl Confident

"Karen's prose is direct and impactful. Her authenticity and compassion are deeply interwoven with a narrative that is healing inside and out. "Within's" message has the power to transcend time and age - a true gift to all who open their heart to it."

Stacey Hugues - Founder of SlowdownMOMents.com, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Yoga Teacher

"I love Karen's approach to counseling, and I find the way that she approaches the topic of disordered eating and body image refreshing. The science of nutrition is a robust and solid foundation for her work, but she has a unique ability to help people peel away the layers and get down to what are the underlying issues that are actually the cause of their eating behaviors. As a Mom of a young daughter myself, I have turned to her work for advice many times with how to answer some of my daughter's questions about her own body image. "

Karen Diaz

Karen Diaz is a registered dietitian certified in intuitive eating who helps women overcome eating and body image struggles. She earned her bachelor of science in dietetics from James Madison University and completed her dietetic internship at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital’s Cornell Campus. After graduating, Karen gained experience in pediatrics, food allergies, and weight management both at UMDNJ University Hospital and the research department at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She also worked at the Renfrew Center. Currently she assists women through her signature program, Break Free, which you can learn more about at TheFreeLife.com.

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