J Cornelius

You have to build things with limited time and a limited budget. How do you make the most of both? Not only that, but how do you get confidence and clarity in what you’re going to build and how you’re going to build it? Whether you’re a startup founder or the head of a corporate product team, you need the right strategies and tools to give your team the best chances of building products and services that give you a competitive advantage.

Loops is the practical guide you need to get products out of your mind’s eye and into the real world. Seasoned product strategist and experience designer J Cornelius covers the processes, exercises, and methodologies used by some of the world’s fastest-moving and most successful startups and corporate product teams to get out in front and stay there. This book will give you the tools you need to create products people love.

Press & Praise

Ben Baxter, Strategic Product Director, Google

"The concepts in this book can be applied to any type of product or business idea. It's a clear and concise way to make sense of the chaos in your head and build something people will actually buy."

Adam Ferrando, Manager of Sales Technology, Delta Air Lines

"J has helped us deliver amazing value to our customers time and time again. His ability to take nebulous concepts and drill down until they become quality products is second to none."

Jina Anne, Design Systems Leader, formerly Salesforce, Amazon, Github, Apple

"This book clears up so much about the process of building products and makes it easy for designers, developers, and business people to understand and apply."

J Cornelius

J Cornelius has been building digital products since 1996 and has helped countless startups and corporate product teams create products and services you probably use today. He is the founder and president of Nine Labs, a digital product strategy, design, and experience consultancy operating in Atlanta and New York City. He speaks at conferences and leads workshops around the world, and serves on the advisory board of multiple venture capital groups, accelerator programs, and private companies. A serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, J started his first business in high school and never looked back. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, three kids, and two dogs.

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