What Hope Looks Like

Eric Newman

Pain and passion—they reside within all of us. But if you’ve endured a life-changing experience, you know that residual pain can make it hard to heal old wounds.

What if you could give your pain a purpose? What if you could turn it into passion?

For pediatric cancer survivor Eric Newman, a voice inside told him to dig deeper, unearth his rooted pain, and plant something beautiful. And so he did. He founded Roc Solid, a nonprofit that builds playsets for children bravely fighting the same disease—and the same pain—that he once did.

In What Hope Looks Like, Eric helps you transform your experience into hope for those just starting down the difficult path he has already navigated. No matter the type of hardships you’ve faced, you’ll learn, step by step, how to create a nonprofit that is not only successful but significant. From confronting your fears and putting ideas on paper to creating a budget and strategizing for the future, Eric provides you with the toolkit you need to tackle any obstacle and turn your ideas into solutions that will change someone’s life.

Press & Praise

Kandi Deitemeyer, President of Central Piedmont Community College

Let What Hope Looks Like be the catalyst that encourages you to share your lived experiences, no matter how difficult, by activating your true purpose. Eric Newman offers a selfless, poignant, and practical roadmap for success as you launch for impact.

Brian Holland, Chairman & CEO of Atlantic Bay Mortgage

We all are looking for inspiration and good in the world, and Eric Newman provides both! He has touched so many lives at their darkest point, giving hope through play. After reading this, you will not only want to be a better person but will also ask how you can turn your pain into your purpose.

Cindy Culpepper, CEO of Galardi Group

From victim to survivor to visionary, Eric created an organization helping hundreds of children with pediatric cancer. No one knows more about creating, leading, and growing a nonprofit. Through his leadership, he has influenced my organization and many more.

Eric Newman is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary leader. In 2009, he founded Roc Solid, an organization that inspires hope for every child and family fighting pediatric cancer. Roc Solid partners with more than seventy children’s hospitals to deliver Ready Bags for families and has built more than one thousand playsets for children throughout the country who need a safe place to play and a reason to smile. A husband, father, and pediatric cancer survivor himself, Eric understands the battle a family faces when their child is diagnosed.

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