The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint

Gary Garth

You have a business but don’t yet have a reputable brand. You’re bootstrapped and need to pinch every penny. You know where you want your business to end up, but you’re uncertain of how to get there and what to do first. The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint is for you.

In this contemporary sales bible, serial entrepreneur and master sales expert Gary Garth deep dives into the selling methods, processes, and tools imperative to your company’s skyrocketing success. You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of today’s fragmented sales technology marketplace and recommended automation tools.

Gary shares practical, cutting-edge recommendations perfected from working with tech giants and industry titans like Google and Microsoft. The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint paves the way for you to construct a predictable, profit-oriented sales process to propel your B2B or SaaS company to unprecedented growth.

Press & Praise

Ben Tyson, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Google

This masterful sales blueprint covers the entire range of what it takes to be successful in B2B and SaaS sales. I trust you'll benefit from it as much as I have.

Ben Wood, Managing Director of App Dev EMEA at Google

Gary was one of the strongest sales leaders I worked with when I ran Google's reseller business in the Americas. He built an amazing sales culture and high-growth business from scratch. His teams were always highly engaged, motivated, and constantly challenging themselves to be the best they possibly could be. He combined this sales leadership with operational excellence, using technology and automation well to help scale his business.

Samir Janveja, Head of Channel Sales at Amazon

Gary has a successful track record of building profitable B2B and SaaS sales-driven companies from scratch. His sales blueprint is a must-read for the steps it takes to accelerate your company's growth with proven strategies and recommendations with a customer-driven mindset that you can only find from an industry vet like Gary.

Gary Garth is the Founder and CEO of Great Dane Ventures, Elev8 Media, and Accelerator Platform. He also leverages his resources as a sales leader and angel investor, helping high-potential startups go to market, scale, and become profitable via sales and marketing support, incubator programs, and hands-on advisory services. He has been featured in Inc., ForbesSuccess, and many other elite publications. A serial entrepreneur since 2002, Gary has started and successfully exited six companies, including large outbound sales call centers, radio advertising networks, and an award-winning, eight-figure digital marketing agency. Born in Denmark, Gary lives and works in Medellín, Colombia.

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