Vision to Results

Jim Fischetti

As a leader, your job is to make your people and your organization better. It’s safe to say you have no intention of leading a stagnant organization, yet organizational decay can creep in and go unnoticed unless you’re actively working to combat it. What begins with a few missed goals and declining productivity can evolve into a widespread malaise that robs your people of their passion and causes them to create uninspired work.

For every organization in this situation, the real culprit is a lack of vision.

If leaders want their people to achieve results that will drive the organization forward, each employee must understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. In Vision to Results, Jim Fischetti teaches you how to create an actionable vision for your organization that brings everyone’s role into sharp focus, as well as implement a continuous accountability system that addresses problems before they arise, keeping your organization healthy for years to come.

Press & Praise

Mo Anderson, bestselling author, vice chair of Keller Williams Realty

"Leadership is about getting results through people. I have watched firsthand as Jim succeeded in getting massive results, and at the same time, his people personally grew and took their businesses to the next level. His words will impact you, your people, your organization, and your results."

Seth Campbell, founder of the Five Doors Network (An Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Company 2018)

"They say a leader can be measured by the successes of the people around them. Jim Fischetti exemplifies this at the highest level. I have witnessed the people he leads make more money and, have more freedom and personal growth than any other times in their lives. His leadership is one that challenges, equips, and inspires the people around him to grow internally so quickly that their external success skyrockets. Jim truly is an incredible leader who grows other leaders and makes a generational impact on many lives."

Mike McCarthy, best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, Regional Owner of the fastest growing Keller Williams Region in North America

"If you want to get real about your potential and achieve the real results you deserve, read this book. Jim Fischetti has the tools and solutions that help leaders focus on what matters and upgrade their leadership capabilities so they can take their lives and businesses to the next level. No gimmicks or fluff--, just getting down to business with hard work and integrity."

Jim Fischetti

Jim Fischetti is a leader, innovator, and consultant who’s spent over 50,000 hours developing leaders throughout corporate America. He’s spoken to more than 60,000 people and helped one organization increase sales from $4 billion to $13 billion in just three years.

Jim has spent four decades refining his notions of what makes a transformative leader and is committed to helping others understand the importance of vision in their lives outside the corporate world, working as a mentor to nonprofits and married couples in his church.

Jim lives with his best friend and wife of thirty-three years, Jill, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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