Breakout Blueprint

Doug Foley

Many of us live in a prison of our own making. We spend our lives dreading Mondays, looking forward to paychecks, and working longer hours, only to shoulder even more responsibility. It’s a never-ending chase.

Life doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to stop going through the motions and start living. It’s time to build a business that offers you freedom.

After interviewing more than 150 entrepreneurs, Doug Foley realized they all had one thing in common—and it wasn’t a fancy job title, car, or house. Instead of building their lives around their businesses, they built their businesses around the lives they wanted to live.

This book is your blueprint for following their lead. Using the four pillars of every successful business—passion, expertise, need, and value—Foley explains how you can break free from the typical 9-to-5 and create a deeply fulfilling career on your own terms.

Doug Foley

Doug Foley is a media entrepreneur, podcast host, and digital pioneer who is known for pushing the boundaries of digital platforms to create unique solutions that drive growth. He’s an innovator with a drive and a passion for helping others thrive, succeed, and think outside the box.

As the host of the hit podcast The Happiness of Pursuit, he teaches listeners how ordinary people followed their passions to create extraordinary lives. He launched two six-figure agencies in less than 18 months, and he’s now using that experience to help others find fulfillment through a lifestyle business.

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