Too Good to be True

Ricky Jones

Do you feel unworthy of God’s love?

How do you shape your beliefs in this anxiety-filled world of competition and comparison? Many Christians conclude we must earn His Love.

We cover our feelings of shame, insecurity, and unworthiness by filling our lives with achievements and activities. But the more hours we spend at work—even the good work of helping others—the more we drift toward the false notion that God’s love is something we must earn, like a promotion or a paycheck.

We seek to know ourselves independently from God, and feel terribly insecure and lonely as a result. There’s a reason: We misunderstand the nature of God’s love.

In Too Good to be True, Pastor Ricky Jones takes you on his journey to accept God’s unconditional love. Using personal stories and biblical references that paint the true picture of grace, Jones shows that being loved by God is not a task to be achieved, but rather the starting point of your own healing and new refreshing, joy-filled life.

Press & Praise

John Lynch, Co-author of The Cure and author of On My Worst Day

"Ricky is an infectious, wild, playful, honest, contagious carrier of this life he paints here so well . . . My heart was deeply encouraged. I was reminded and drawn in again to the true and present love and life I have in Christ."

Dr. Scotty Ward Smith, Teacher in Residence - West End Community Church, Nashville, TN

"What a refreshing, honest, vulnerable presentation of the good news of God's grace, freely offered to all of us. Tired of holy hype and spiritual spin? Then this little gem is for you."

Ricky Jones

Ricky Jones is an epic failure who has continually fallen backwards into grace. He grew up a true redneck in rural West Tennessee and left the woods to attend Vanderbilt University with no idea what he was getting into. While there he met the gospel of grace through Reformed University Fellowship, and his wife Bianca.

They planted RiverOaks Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, OK in 2006. He and Bianca have four teenage boys, all of whom are above average. Ricky passionately believes the church should be like Jesus: a place of grace and rest. He also believes no one can thrive alone, and no one should try.

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