Life Lessons from the One and Only Elmo

Valerie Osler & Sudhir Ispahani

Modern life is hectic and stressful, and all too often, we forget to stop and remember what is important. Business partners and technology executives Valerie Osler and Sudhir Ispahani were guilty of giving in to the harried, hectic lifestyle surrounding them—until they learned how to truly live, from one small, fluffy guru.

In Life Lessons from the One and Only Elmo, Valerie and Sudhir share the philosophy of simplicity that they discovered by paying attention to Elmo, the cocker spaniel, and his canine brothers, JuiceBox, Max, and Midas. From appreciating the small things, to experiencing happiness as a constant state, to giving freely of affection and care, Elmo’s innocent worldview sets an example for anyone who wants to lead a kinder, more generous, and more fulfilled life.

Filled with photographs, anecdotes, and invaluable wisdom, this book is both an homage to Elmo’s life and a guidebook to becoming a better person.

Valerie Osler

British-born Valerie Osler grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and has lived around the world. Her parents, Brian and Diana, still live in Western Australia, and her brother, Graham, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. A global business operations executive living in Honolulu, Hawaii, she currently owns and operates various companies with her business partner, Sudhir. A pet lover with a soft heart and a focus on enhancing the quality of the lives of pets, Valerie had the privilege of raising Elmo as his mom. She is involved in many philanthropic activities, currently serving as a Director of Master’s Peace Foundation and as Co-Founder of Elmo’s Haven, both of which are US-based charities.

Sudhir Ispahani

Born in India, Sudhir Ispahani immigrated to America in the early 1980s. He currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his wife, Karen, and cockapoo, Max, while his daughters, Abigail and Simone, live in Los Angeles, California. A global technology executive, Sudhir spends his time with investors and start-up CEOs, and actively invests in emerging and disruptive technology and services. He is a life coach, mentor, and strategic advisor to investors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs around the world, and is the Co-Founder of an active global advisory business with Valerie. Sudhir is extensively involved in philanthropic activities through the Ispahani Family Trust, as president of Master’s Peace Foundation, and as Director of Elmo’s Haven. The Ispahanis are pet lovers, with canine family members JuiceBox, Max, and Midas.

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