The Transformational Leadership Compass

Benny Ausmus

Thousands of books about business and leadership are published every single year, but we seldom have time to digest that knowledge, let alone put it all into action.

Organisational change is rarely simple, but The Transformational Leadership Compass makes the process as clear, accessible, and practical as possible.

Through simple, jargon-free language, the TLC system helps you bring your peoples’ heads and hearts together on the journey towards a new and better normal.

With practical insights from fourteen areas of research and practice, Benny Ausmus developed the TLC system to create lasting change in even the most resistant, dysfunctional organisational cultures.

It has succeeded in IT consultancies, yogurt factories, flying trapeze schools (seriously), telecommunications providers, schools, accounting firms, renewable energy companies, recruitment firms, real estate agencies, and more.

Now, Benny and the good people at BIG Change share the TLC dynamic coaching system to help companies of all shapes and sizes reach their full potential.

For over a decade, organisational development coach Benny Ausmus has broken the mould of executive coaching and management consulting.

Refusing to limit his methods to a one-size-fits-all formula, he approaches each new project by merging hard data with strategic development initiatives, tailoring bespoke transformation programs for companies, teams, and individuals using his dynamic TLC coaching system.

Benny works seamlessly with each leader’s individual strengths, challenges, and style to design, iterate, and execute powerful programs for improvement, growth, and exceptional ROI.

Now, in The Transformational Leadership Compass, he lays out this dynamic system of transformation to help leaders create the big changes required to adapt, thrive, and shape the future.

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