The REAL Perspective

Mike Brown

If you’re an investor, you know that not all financial advisors have their clients’ best interests in mind. You also probably know that building long-term wealth strictly on Wall Street is nearly impossible. But who can you trust, and where do you go for the best returns?

Mike Brown is a financial advisor who understands the Wall Street machine. After years in the business, he learned the secret to sustainability is not with the stock market, 401(k)s, or even residential real estate. In The Real Perspective, Mike explains why adding private commercial real estate to your portfolio is one of the most lucrative decisions you can make. With downloadable content and a fresh outlook, this book helps you avoid common traps, focus on investments with long-term potential, and take your traditional portfolio from unpredictable to highly profitable.

Press & Praise

Nick Munchel, chief financial officer and investor

"Mike's commitment to exposing the truth of financial independence and generational wealth was exceptional. This book is a game changer."

Phillip Stutts, founder and CEO of Win Big Media

"This is not your father's personal finance book. It's hard hitting facts on how the rich get richer. Trust what Mike is telling you and it will change your life...and your bank account."

Joe Varda, small business owner and investor

"Mike explains in clear, concise steps how to manage and grow our wealth through alternative investing strategies."

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is the co-founder and managing member of Red Fox Capital, a private commercial real estate investment fund for like-minded investors who want to pursue lucrative opportunities, diversify their risk, grow income, and create generational wealth. He brings more than twenty years of experience challenging investors to look beyond Wall Street by redefining the traditional investment industry through his innovative strategies.

After studying at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and the American Graduate School of Business in Switzerland, Mike completed the rigorous Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) curriculum and his Masters in Commercial Property (MICP), a distinction that produces the top 5 percent commercial real estate practitioners in the world.

Mike is active on several banking advisory boards and serves as the development chairman for Veterans Moving Forward, a charity that provides service dogs to military veterans in need.

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