Rolly Keenan, Mike Geller, Brandi Starr

As your company’s chief marketing officer, you’re responsible for your organization’s growth and reputation—but you don’t have enough control.

Your organization works in departmental silos, functional leaders pushing their own solutions and feeling satisfied with functional KPIs. But the kind of exponential growth that creates unstoppable momentum requires your customer-facing departments to fight for the customer instead of their own departmental wins.

You’re not the only one who notices—but you are the only one in the perfect position to do something about it.

Discover how to reach your potential and stand out as more than a marketing professional. In CMO to CRO, industry experts Brandi StarrMike Geller, and Rolly Keenan show you how to bring revenue to the forefront and make every team’s number one objective a seamless customer experience. You’ll learn how to create consistency by reorganizing your business, following the customer, prioritizing revenue, and using CX technology to succeed where your competition fails.This book presents a revolutionary approach to not only unite the silos but position you as an innovative leader and finally uncover what CX is really about: revenue growth.

Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, and Rolly Keenan are the leadership team of Tegrita, a modern marketing technology and strategy consulting firm. Passionate about the role marketing plays in an organization’s success, they strive to eliminate departmental silos and unite teams to ultimately create a consistently exceptional customer experience. As the CTO, Mike is a technologist with fifteen years of consulting experience while Brandi, the COO, leads Tegrita’s marketing initiatives with twenty years of digital marketing experience. Rolly has his MBA in marketing from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. He serves as Tegrita’s CRO and manages enterprise software, consulting, and marketing strategy.

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