The Private Equity Playbook

Adam Coffey

Private equity firms are on the rise and rapidly changing the game. Today more than 5,500 P.E. firms own tens of thousands of companies, so it is essential for CEOs and senior management executives to understand exactly how private equity firms operate. This invaluable resource can help you devise a winning P.E. game plan for your own company that offers you greater freedom and financial success.

CEO Adam Coffey has almost twenty years of experience building businesses for private equity companies. In this authoritative yet approachable handbook, he covers:

  • The history and landscape of private equity
  • Ground rules for finding the right firm to partner with
  • Techniques for navigating the new governance
  • Strategies for continued growth in the private equity space
  • And more.

The Private Equity Playbook provides all the coaching you’ll need to compete and win on this new playing field.

Adam Coffey

Adam Coffey has spent almost twenty years as president of three national service companies: Masterplan and WASH Multifamily Laundry, both of which were sold to private equity firms, and now CoolSys. Known for building strong employee-centered cultures, and for executing a buy and build strategy, Adam is highly sought after by private equity and is considered an expert in running industrial service businesses. He is a former GE executive, an alumnus of UCLA, and a veteran of the United States Army.

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