The Perfect Southern Fraternity Party

Trey Myers

Fraternity parties can be legendary, talked about by students, parents, alumni, and brothers for years to come. But one wrong move—a band pulling a no-show, not having enough money to pay entertainers, or the cops showing up—can turn a once-in-a-lifetime experience into a memorable failure. As the social chair of your fraternity, it’s on you to guarantee every event your chapter hosts is an overwhelming success. Trey Myers, party planning expert and owner of Turnipblood Entertainment, is here to show you how.

With over seven years in the event industry, Trey has perfected the art of hosting the sort of unforgettable events for which fraternities should be famous. In The Perfect Southern Fraternity Party, he unlocks the secrets every social chair must know to make his chapter’s celebrations the place to be: from getting organized, to balancing a budget, to booking the biggest name acts, to ensuring the occasion goes off flawlessly.

This book is the ultimate guide to turning your fraternity parties from disasters waiting to happen into memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t run for social chair without reading the tips, tricks, and techniques in Trey Myers’ must have party planning bible.

Trey Myers

Trey Myers is the president and founder of Turnipblood Entertainment, a full-service private events company specializing in Greek life. Over the course of 7 years in the entertainment industry, Trey has worked in various capacities at leading agencies, including the Agency For The Performing Arts (APA), The Agency Group (now owned by United Talent Agency), and Nimbleslick Entertainment.

Trey’s other experiences include artist management, tour management, event production, and promotions. Prior to his return to the music business in 2010, Trey spent two years working on Capitol Hill and one year as an organic farmer. He lives with his family in east Nashville, Tennessee.

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