The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

Jason Scott

The stress of being a project leader can be enormous, having to deal with time and budget constraints, unforeseen obstacles, uneasy executive stakeholders, and a thousand other concerns. You need a tested and proven toolkit to ensure that every job in your portfolio is done absolutely right.

The Irreverent Guide to Project Management offers comprehensive, step-by-step instruction and best practice techniques to help you move your project forward aggressively and achieve optimum results. J. Scott covers all the bases with engaging wit and mind-blowing expertise, from kickoff meeting to final review, offering straight-to-the-point direction for creating a viable work plan, control log, and job status documentation; establishing a baseline budget; prioritizing and managing impediments; and so much more.

Both practical and flexible, with guidelines and procedures that are appropriate for any project, large or small, The Irreverent Guide to Project Management will lead you to a consistently successful outcome every time.

Jason Scott

J. Scott is a father, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist whose purpose is to inspire people to reach for their potential. He is founder and CEO of the project portfolio leadership and change leadership consultancy 120VC and has been directly responsible for global transformational efforts within organizations such as DirecTV, Trader Joe’s, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and others. 120VC has enabled his Fortune 100 clients to achieve the value intended from project portfolio management and their enterprise-wide change efforts. His team’s approach to change has generated breakthrough results and created meaningful jobs.

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