The Empowered Challenger Playbook

Prentice Howe

Unless you’re a superstar within your category, your brand is likely in a struggle for attention in a crowded consumer marketplace—especially if you’re standing in the shadows of industry giants. But contrary to what you may believe, your business’s challenger nature may be the very thing that sets it apart from the pack.

Prentice Howe, owner of renowned brand development and integrated communications firm Door Number 3, has helped countless brands outshine their competitors. He knows the key to getting noticed is embodying the spirit of an empowered challenger, using ambition and the ability to do more with less to outperform rivals. Now he shares his marketing wisdom with owners, VPs, and CMOs in this indispensable guide to making your mark by

  • Creating a rational and emotionally compelling brand position
  • Narrowing your audience into an engaged base of brand advocates
  • Embodying the five personality traits that define an empowered challenger

Whether you’re a leader in your field looking to stay on top or a start-up hoping to make a splash, The Empowered Challenger Playbook is your must-have toolkit to standing out from the crowd.

Prentice Howe

Prentice Howe is the owner of Door Number 3, an Austin-based brand development and integrated communications firm. Prentice has worked with some of America’s most iconic brands, including Minute Maid, Anheuser-Busch, Serta, and the Dallas Cowboys, and he has been recognized by Cannes Lions, London International Advertising Awards, the Webby Awards, Communication Arts, the New York Times, and more.

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