You Can’t Do It Alone

Matt Rolfe

As a large, independent, or multisite business operator in the hospitality industry, you’ve made it through the pandemic. You’re primed for growth. But now what? With a new outlook and mounting responsibilities, how do you keep success going?

You have too many opportunities and too little time. In a world where indecision only leads to failure, how do you make the right decisions that will help you achieve your goals?

This is where the real work begins.

In You Can’t Do It Alone, renowned hospitality coach Matt Rolfe shows you how to maximize profit and scale your business with solutions focused on the people behind your company. You’ll learn how to build a strong team and delegate effectively, with focused goals, inclusive strategies, and open, impactful communication. The growth of your business depends on the people who work for you, and their success depends on you. This book will help you and your team become the leaders needed for long-term growth and sustainable success.

Press & Praise

Domenic Primucci, President, Pizza Nova

I met Matt some time ago and started to work with him a couple of years later in 2015. He is an excellent speaker and coach who understands the hospitality industry through his many experiences. The fundamental concept of empowering your people to achieve organizational goals is how the wheel begins to rotate. As it gains speed and you begin to feel the momentum, this is where change happens and becomes inevitable. He guides you every step of the way to put words into action. As this also defines your culture, it ensures consistency in your operation, quality of your product, and ensures customer experiences. Because you can't do it alone.

Trevor Brodie, Director of Operations, Amsterdam BrewHouse

Strategy and execution must be inseparable. Understanding you can't do it alone will expedite your execution abilities, moving you toward your long-term goals quicker and more efficiently. We are all born with different abilities. Matt's ability to understand your business and implement people, profit, and growth strategies is his true innate ability.

Jorge Soares, Vice President of Operations, Woodbine Entertainment Group

The tools, insights, and perspective that Matt shares in his book have been profound in elevating my leadership and results. Being a leader or restaurant owner can feel lonely sometimes, and unlocking the power and energy that our teams can provide is paramount to achieving success and new results in our business. If you want to take your business, operating teams' performance, and leadership to the next level, this book is a must-read.

Matt Rolfe is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who mentors the top 10 percent of the hospitality industry in unlocking their true potential. With a primary focus on personal development, Matt enables high-performing leaders to build unified teams and effectively delegate responsibilities for maximum growth. He is the founder of Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group, where he has worked with hundreds of leadership teams throughout North America. Beginning his career with companies like Bacardi and Labatt/Anheuser-Busch, Matt is an industry expert dedicated to helping leaders examine the human element of their business and execute effective team-building strategies unique to their needs. Matt lives in Toronto with his wife, Lindsay; their two children; and their golden retriever.

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