Retiring Well

Michael Reese

You’ve worked hard, lived within your means, and invested wisely. Now you’re ready for retirement–but you’re still concerned about events beyond your control. If your portfolio is wiped out by a downturn in the market, or whittled away by health-care expenses, your careful plans could fall apart. The good news is that you can protect yourself.

Retiring Well shows you how to achieve financial stability regardless of what the market does. Inside, you’ll learn what you can do to

  • Safeguard your principal
  • Reduce taxes on Social Security
  • Convert to a Roth IRA (you’re not too old!)
  • Keep health-care costs down
  • Choose the right retirement-planning professional
  • And much more

The retirement you deserve is within your grasp. With solid, time-tested advice from wealth manager Michael Reese, you’ll avoid common pitfalls and lay claim to an economically secure future.

  • #1 bestselling ebook in New Releases in Investing and Retirement Planning
  • #1 bestselling ebook in Retirement Planning

Michael Reese

Michael Reese is the president and founding principal of Centennial Wealth Advisors LLC. In his twenty-plus years in the financial industry, he’s trained more than a thousand financial advisors in retirement-planning strategies. He is a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢, Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Certified Tax Specialist, and as the host of a television show called Retiring Well, he’s become one of America’s most recognized retirement-planning professionals. Michael’s previous book, The Big Retirement Lie: Why Traditional Retirement Planning Benefits the IRS More Than You, has received enthusiastic reviews from readers.

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