The All Weather Trader

Tom Basso

Risk. It can be kryptonite for investors, no matter your investment amount or level of experience. But, like many obstacles to success, risk is a challenge only overcome by facing it head-on.

What if you could attack risk, rather than hide from it? What if there were even a way to leverage it for profit? The first step in investment success is adjusting how you think about risk. In The All Weather Trader, Trendstat Capital founder and “Mr. Serenity” Tom Basso reveals his philosophy for learning to embrace risk and use it to benefit your investments. You’ll learn innovative concepts in extreme diversification, futures trading, and equity exposure, along with insights on how to structure—and customize—your portfolio. With examples from Tom’s own experiences and successes, The All Weather Trader is the framework you need to avoid costly decisions, create a comprehensive strategy, and use risk to launch long-lasting success in any financial climate.

Press & Praise

Michael Covel, author of Trend Following and The Complete TurtleTrader, host of the Trend Following podcast

If you want the chance at above-average returns, Tom Basso is the mentor you didn't know, but whom you must. The All-Weather Trader is Tom's comprehensive and timeless trading plan. Ignore him at your financial peril.

Laurens Bensdorp, Founder and CEO of Trading Mastery School, author of Automated Stock Trading Systems and The 30-Minute Stock Trader

This book is one of my top five best books about systematic trading in which a market wizard shares his experience on trading with serenity. He shows systematic approaches that attack risk and profit in bull, bear, and sideways markets.

Tom Basso is a renowned hedge fund manager, the founder and former president of Trendstat Capital Management, and the chairman of Standpoint Funds. Known as “Mr. Serenity” for his disciplined, calm trading approach, Tom was twelve when he bought his first mutual fund with money earned from delivering newspapers. He has helped clients worldwide with his expertise in stocks, bonds, options, commodities/futures, and FOREX. One of several traders featured in Jack D. Schwager’s Market Wizards, Tom now runs the website, providing a community for education on trading, economics, health, and lifestyle. For more information, visit

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