Shari Moss & Meghan Fitzpatrick

As a member of the online generation, you face unique obstacles in today’s world. These challenges can leave you feeling trapped, lost, or paralyzed. You need a solid support system to lift you up and move you forward, one that bridges generational gaps and brings valuable allies to your table. TableTalk can make that happen.

Coauthors Shari Moss and Meghan Fitzpatrick offer powerful strategies to help millennials create a network of the best, most effective “TableMates” possible. Building a special relationship with experienced mentors can give you a new perspective on your world and guide you through major life events, like navigating your career path or discovering your passion.

It’s all about finding the right people, asking the right questions, and really listening to the answers. TableTalk is communication that goes far beyond your smartphone screen. These can be the most important conversations you’ll ever have.

Press & Praise

Jim Donald, businessman and experienced CEO, including former CEO and president of Starbucks

"Whether you are a boomer or a millennial, or someplace in between, this book is for you. Shari Moss combines her '"art of the story'" with her lifetime passion and knowledge for customer service in a relevant, real-world way."

Paul Palmer, founder and CEO of 5EN Media Corporation

"Dynamic! Determined! Inquisitive! Meghan Fitzpatrick is a thoughtful, results-driven changemaker! Seldom does one get the opportunity to meet someone and almost instantly see in them a potential vital force for inspiring and shaping a better future. And as for Shari Moss, imagine someone who loves a bold challenge, one who focuses on what's possible, one who listens with their heart--a caring, careful, wise, and witty observer of life. This is Shari Moss."

Bobby Kaloty, motivational speaker for mental health organization

"For many years Shari Moss has been a great facilitator of dialogue among us young people for our futures and the direction we want them to take."

Shari Moss

Shari Moss is an author, entrepreneur, executive film producer, and adventurous warrior. Her current focus is conducting workshops and creating inspirational information to help millennials achieve their maximum potential. Shari and her two children currently divide their time between Toronto, Canada, and Austin, Texas.

Meghan Fitzpatrick

Meghan Fitzpatrick is an award-winning author, editor, and ghostwriter of a dozen books on topics ranging from personal development to business process management. Raised in California, she studied international politics at Georgetown University and, after an extended period of traveling, has finally settled in Austin, Texas.

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