Lift Like a Girl

Nia Shanks

You sweat, burn, and fast until you’re exhausted…only to fall into a tailspin of stress, overindulgence, and blame. If you’re like most women, you’ve been through this vicious cycle more times than you can count. But what if fitness wasn’t about fixing flaws and shrinking sizes? What if your workout could be uncomplicated, energizing, and even fun?

Fitness coach Nia Shanks has helped countless clients reinvent their mindset around exercise, nutrition, and body image. Based on her wildly popular blog, Lift Like a Girl is so much more than a workout program. It’s an empowering lifestyle built around discovering the strength you never knew you had. Along with her practical, step-by-step approach for getting proven results in the gym, Nia breaks through the weight-loss clichés that keep too many women dissatisfied, depressed, and constantly on a diet. Find out how good it feels to lift like a girl, and leave the gym feeling more awesome than ever.

Press & Praise

Bret Contreras, PhD, author of Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, coauthor of Strong Curves

"Nia Shanks is a diamond in the rough in the strength and conditioning field. Her programs are reasonable, sustainable, and highly effective. Way too many fitness professionals promote training methods that are too harsh and demanding, and this just leads to burnout, injury, and problems. Nia gets it just right and communicates the message with finesse. I vouch for Nia Shanks--she's the real deal."

Heather Robertson, host of Half Size Me podcast

"I highly recommend Nia Shanks to my coaching clients and community members. Her no-nonsense approach to nutrition and fitness is exactly what the overwhelmed dieter and fitness enthusiast needs. I find her sane and precise approach gives great results for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle."

Molly Galbraith, owner, Girls Gone Strong

"For more than a decade Nia Shanks has been educating and empowering women through high-quality, no-nonsense strength training and nutrition information. In the world of women's fitness, there's a ton of fluff and hype. Nia's straightforward, no-BS style is incredibly refreshing and relatable, and her information is rooted in both science and experience. I'm proud to call Nia my colleague and friend."

Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks is a writer and personal trainer and is showing women how to build a better body by using sane and simple principles. Nia believes in combining smart, progressive strength training, simple and flexible nutrition guidelines tailored to an individual’s lifestyle and preferences, and a positive mindset.

Nia believes building a better, stronger, leaner, and healthier body should be a process that enhances peoples’ lives, and doesn’t dominate them.

Since 2009 Nia has been sharing information that has allowed individuals to ditch diets, break free from obsessive eating habits, and discover how to achieve maximum results with minimum workouts on her website,

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