Tim Kintz

No matter how you entered the car business, you know the frustrations that come with the job. Customers are savvier than ever, so without knowing how to negotiate and close deals, you’ll find yourself selling out of desperation instead of inspiration. You know selling is a zero-sum game–either you sell them or someone else does. You want to improve your selling skills; unfortunately, available training is outdated or irrelevant. You just need someone to show you the proven path to negotiate and close deals more effectively so you can maximize your earning potential.

Industry veteran and top sales trainer Tim Kintz is here to help.

In Frictionless, Tim shares strategies and techniques you can use to create a win-win negotiation, deliver an exceptional experience while holding gross, and set up future deals. By shifting your mindset toward becoming a relational salesperson–rather than a transactional one–you’ll go from simply surviving to succeeding in car sales. You’ll make more money, enjoy a higher quality of life, have happier customers, and go from having a job to a full-blown career.

Press & Praise

Duane Paddock, dealer, Paddock Chevrolet

"Tim really has a way of capturing salespeople's attention, resonating with them and their daily struggles. His methods get you out of your comfort zone, fully engaged and committed to being the best you can be. Before we knew who Tim Kintz was, we were tracking our grosses in a downward path. Volume was okay as a top 20 dealer in the country for Chevrolet sales, but we were really struggling for profitability. Since adopting Frictionless methods on closing and negotiating we've seen a major increase in profitability and had our best month in 5 years! Not only are our grosses up, but our volume and overall market share are too. Every month I continue to see progress. Tim made it fun, and the results we've seen have been huge. What a turnaround. All I can say is THANK YOU!"

Collin Sewell, dealer, Sewell Family of Companies

"I've known Tim for two decades. Not only is he skilled at communicating the fundamentals of sales, but more importantly, the opportunities your career can provide if you decide you'll be sold on what he teaches. Tim takes the luck out of the sales world and shows you how to make it a reality every day. His principles in sales work--both in life and in business. Do more than read this book. Decide you'll take his wisdom and make it a habit of success for you and your career. If you do, you'll never look back."

Kelly Balmer, sales manager, Steeltown Ford

"We implemented Tim's Frictionless system for a win/win negotiation--it was an easy change, and it has had a massive impact at the dealership. This one little thing has helped us sell more cars, hold more gross, and make happier customers. Putting in Tim's removable objections has increased confidence in the negotiation process for both the customers and the salespeople. Tim Kintz and his new, forward thinking has been a breath of fresh air. There is not another trainer around like him! His thumb is always on the pulse."

Tim Kintz

Tim Kintz is the president of The Kintz Group, the automotive industry’s premier sales and management training company. Tim started The Kintz Group after re-entering the retail side of the business as a general manager and seeing the need for up-to-date training. A graduate of the NADA Dealer Academy, Tim has worked in just about every position in the dealership and can still be found on the showroom floor working deals alongside salespeople and managers. Tim has delivered hands-on coaching, workshops, and presentations in large cities and rural communities alike. His strategies are relevant and proven to work everywhere cars are sold.

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