Sell with Swagger

Tim Zielinski

I bet you’ve heard the saying “work smarter, not harder,” right? When you work in sales, you don’t get paid based on the number of hours you’ve clocked or how much effort you’ve put in—you get paid based on your results.

The ends are often justified by the means in sales, perhaps more than in any other field. But what if you were confident with both your process and the results it produced? What if you were efficient and successful, and never dreaded a quota again?

In Sell with Swagger, top revenue-generating sales director Timothy Zielinski shows how to deliver consistent, exceptional results with pride, confidence, and peace of mind. A former programmer and self-described introvert, Tim isn’t your “typical” salesperson. His focus on providing value and serving as the customer’s consultant has helped him dissolve the sales stigma and demonstrate that mindset truly matters. You’ll learn how to work effectively, develop a specific skillset, and pursue a clear path toward closing deals and exceeding quota so you never second-guess your steps again. With practical advice and relatable anecdotes, Sell with Swagger is the ultimate playbook for the sales professional ready to up their game and discover the fast track to sustainable success.

Press & Praise

Neil Swinton, Vice President of Sales Operations

I have been working with Tim for almost ten years. It's one thing to be a superstar salesman. But as Tim's career has evolved, he has proven that he can take his process and techniques and transfer them to others. Now his entire team crushes their numbers. In my thirty-five years of selling, Tim is one of the few Jedi Masters I have run into. Read this book. Follow the lessons. Work hard. Make money. Go to Club!

Eric Fisher, Chief Revenue Officer at Lakeside Software

Tim is a very successful seller and student of the game. Over my career, I've had hundreds of sales reps work for me and hundreds I've worked with. Tim was one of the best and someone I would highly encourage others to emulate.

Steve Borseti, Enterprise Revenue Consultant at Sandler Sales Training

I've read so many books on selling, but Tim's book uniquely gives you the feeling he's coaching you personally. No hokey acronyms or feeling like a motivational speaker is screaming at you. His book is full of powerful but easy-to-grasp approaches. It's stuff you can put into practice immediately. Rip through Tim's book, and let the quota crushing begin!

Timothy A. Zielinski is a regional sales director specializing in enterprise software sales. Over the past decade, Tim has honed his craft, led a top revenue-generating territory, and developed a unique sales approach that has helped him consistently surpass goals. He’s been a guest on The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling podcast, a regional winner of several Toastmaster contests, and an instructor in successful sales techniques within his company. Tim lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife and their three kids. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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