Scaling Culture

Ron Lovett

Make no mistake—your company has a culture, whether you’re intentional about it or not.

Corporate culture is ground zero for your organization. If left to chance, corporate culture will fall to the lowest common denominator or the loudest voice, resulting in inconsistency at best and volatility at worst.

Scaling your company means scaling your culture first. You need a clear playbook with actionable steps to foster alignment and a results-driven team of passionate stakeholders.

In Scaling Culture, Ron Lovett provides you with the key components you need to create a successful organization that lasts. This full-cycle book for scaling culture gives you, the founders, CEOs, and organizational leaders, strategies for bringing your company values to life, managing change, operating as a team, and more. Scaling Culture gives you a behind-the-scenes perspective of Ron’s first book, Outrageous Empowerment: The Incredible Story of Giving Employees Their Brains Back. Most books about culture are based on theory and case studies—not this one. Scaling Culture is your tactical blueprint for aligning your organization and thriving into the future.

Press & Praise

David Marquet, former US Submarine Commander, author of Turn the Ship Around!, and creator of the Intent-Based Leadership® system

In my career as a sub commander, I discovered the power of giving control based on competence and organizational clarity. Scaling Culture teaches leaders how to build that clarity with purpose and core values and puts a concrete action plan in your hands to take on the elusive challenge of scaling culture.

Frances Frei, professor at Harvard Business School and author of Unleashed and Uncommon Service

In my work with Uber, it became abundantly clear that culture is the very foundation of businesses and determines which companies make it and which don't. I'm impressed with Scaling Culture and the depth of practical systems and processes its pages provide. Its persuasive argument for trust and empowerment are undeniable.

Bhavana Bartholf, Global Head of Sales Strategy and Business Development at Microsoft Solutions

It was a delight to join Ron on the Scaling Culture podcast, and now it's even more exciting to see all of his ideas compiled into one insightful playbook! Changing culture is hard, but it's more important than ever to every company across the planet. If you are embarking on the complicated and challenging process of embracing change, having a strong culture is where you need to start. Here's a great chance for you to learn! You'll find Scaling Culture an illuminating, transformative, go-to guide for the journey.

Ron Lovett is an entrepreneur and globally recognized author, speaker, and corporate culture thought leader who is passionate about change. He transformed the physical security industry when he founded Source Security, a national firm that grew to more than 3,500 staff and enabled Ron to exit at a 24x multiple. His unorthodox leadership style is characterized by going back to the drawing board, disrupting the status quo, and acting swiftly on new information. He lives in Nova Scotia with his wife and their three children.

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