For the Right Kind of Love

Shari Moss

“The kids at school were not as bad as the teachers when it came to treating me differently.”

At the age of eight, Shari Moss lived in a single motel unit in the middle of the desert with her three siblings. Isolated from her peers and too poor for toys, she would spend hours flipping through the pages of the motel’s Sears catalog, imagining the home she so desperately wanted.

Her journey crosses multiple cities in two countries as she finds love, goes through hell and back, and continuously searches for that perfect house and a life she can be proud of.

After writing two books to help millennials through these challenging and competitive times, entrepreneur and author Shari Moss opens up about her own life in this poignant and heartwarming memoir about overcoming the past and finding joy in helping others.

Press & Praise

Philip McKernan, author of One Last Talk

"A heartwarming book from a heartwarming person. It takes great courage to live through the challenges of poverty and loss. It takes even more courage to share these stories with the world. Shari now lives in order to help others. We could all do with a bit more of that in our lives."

Shari Moss is an author, entrepreneur, film producer and adventurous warrior. She spends time passionately as a Mentor, Coach and Speaker. Her days are fulfilled with writing and working on projects to help others, conducting workshops and creating inspirational information. Her home is in the Toronto area with her two kids, and her latest work is of sharing her own life journey, a story of true resilience.

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